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Pool automation is a modern solution that allows for effective management of all pool functions, significantly facilitating its daily operation and maintenance. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, users can enjoy crystal clear water without the need to constantly manually monitor and adjust chemical parameters or water temperature. These systems integrate pumps, filters, chemical dosing systems and other peripheral devices into one easy-to-use platform. The possibility of remote control via mobile applications additionally increases the comfort of use, allowing you to control the pool from anywhere and at any time. The introduction of pool automation is an investment in safety, economy and comfort, ensuring always ideal swimming conditions.

Basic components of swimming pool automation

Pool pumps and filters

Pool pumps are the heart of every filtration system, responsible for continuous water circulation, which is crucial to maintaining its purity. Pool filters work with pumps to remove mechanical impurities from the water. Various types of filters are available, such as sand, cartridge or diatom, each of them effectively eliminating various types of contaminants.

Chemical dosing systems

Dosing systems automatically regulate the level of chemicals in the pool, such as chlorine and pH adjusting agents, which ensures safe and hygienic bathing conditions. The use of such systems minimizes the risk of errors in manual dosing and also saves pool owners’ time.

Measuring devices

Pool automation also includes control and measurement devices that monitor and record various water parameters, such as pH, chlorine level and temperature. These smart devices can transmit data directly to the user’s phone or tablet, allowing easy monitoring of water levels.

Pool lighting

Pool lighting is not only an aesthetic element, but also functional, increasing the safety of using the pool after dark. Automation allows you to program and remotely control the lighting, which allows you to create various lighting scenarios depending on your needs and occasions.


Pool automation can also integrate additional devices such as heating systems, counter-currents or various types of water attractions, which can be controlled centrally. This allows for full personalization and maximum comfort of using the pool.

Each of these elements contributes to more convenient and effective management of your home swimming pool, ensuring clean water and optimal conditions for bathing and relaxation.

Basen z niebieską roletą zabezpieczającą i widokiem na ogród.

Benefits of using pool automation

Pool automation is an investment that brings wide benefits to every pool owner, both in terms of comfort and economy. First of all, these systems significantly simplify everyday pool management by automating processes such as filtering, dosing chemicals and controlling water temperature. Thanks to this, users can enjoy perfectly clean water without having to manually test and adjust settings every day. Additionally, automation ensures optimization of chemical and energy consumption, which translates into lower pool maintenance costs and increased environmental friendliness.

Another important benefit is improved swimming pool safety. Automation systems can monitor water quality and immediately respond to any irregularities, automatically adjusting pH or chlorine levels to safe values. This not only protects the health of bathers, but also extends the life of the pool itself and its equipment. Moreover, remote control of pool functions via mobile applications allows for easy monitoring and intervention regardless of where we are, which further increases the owner’s sense of control and peace of mind.

A guide to choosing the right system

Choosing the right pool automation system is crucial to ensuring effective pool management and maintenance. When choosing a system, it is worth paying attention to several important factors. Firstly, it is necessary to determine the scope of needs and expectations – whether we are only interested in basic automation, such as filtration and chemical control, or whether we need advanced solutions, such as remote control of all pool functions. Then, it is worth checking the compatibility of the system with the existing swimming pool infrastructure and its scalability, i.e. the possibility of adapting and expanding it in the future as needs change.

The second step is to consider the technical and economic aspects of such a system. It is important that the system is intuitive to use, both locally and remotely via mobile applications, which will ensure convenience of use and quick access to water parameters at any time. Moreover, the analysis of initial and long-term costs – purchase, installation and operation – will help in assessing the profitability of the investment. The selection of a manufacturer offering technical support as well as warranty and post-warranty service is equally important, which guarantees peace of mind and safety of using the system for years.

Modern technologies in swimming pool automation

Modern technologies in swimming pool automation are a real revolution in the way you manage your home water tank. These systems offer advanced features such as remote control via mobile applications, intelligent sensors monitoring water quality, and automatic dosing systems that precisely regulate the level of chemicals in the pool. Additionally, modern automation can be integrated with intelligent home systems, which allows them to be operated using voice or an automated routine. Thanks to this, owners can easily adjust the water parameters to their needs, even when away from home, ensuring maximum comfort and safety of using the pool.

Zbliżenie na skimmer w basenie ogrodowym, który zbiera zanieczyszczenia z powierzchni wody. Widoczna jest także część kamiennego obrzeża basenu.

The main benefits of using pool automation are primarily time saving and increased safety. These systems automatically regulate the levels of chemicals such as chlorine, keeping the water clean and safe for users. Additionally, automation allows remote monitoring and control of water parameters, which is convenient for the owner.

Modern pool automation systems are designed with ease of use in mind. They usually have intuitive interfaces and mobile applications that allow you to remotely control and monitor the pool, making management easier even for people without technical experience.

Installing a pool automation system usually requires minimal disruption to the existing pool infrastructure. The most important thing is to make sure that the system is compatible with other pool equipment and the work should be carried out by professionals.

Pool automation systems require regular maintenance, which usually includes checking and cleaning sensors, calibrating measuring devices and updating software. It is recommended that inspections be carried out at least once a year by a qualified technician.

Many modern pool automation systems can be integrated with intelligent home systems such as KNX, Crestron, or systems managed by voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home. This allows you to centrally manage all aspects of your home and pool.

The costs of purchasing and installing a pool automation system can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the system and the size of the pool. Prices can range from several thousand zlotys for basic systems to several dozen thousand for advanced systems with full integration and remote control.

Yes, pool automation can contribute to significant energy savings. These systems optimize the operating time of pumps and filters, control the water temperature and regulate the dosage of chemicals, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces the pool’s operating costs.

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Having your own pool is a fantastic way to relax and have fun, but it also requires proper knowledge and care. Here are some key tips to help any pool owner keep their pool in great condition all year round.

Fast implementation

We understand how important it is to resolve pool issues quickly to avoid unnecessary interruptions to your pool's use. Thanks to our effective logistics and qualified team, we are able to react and solve most problems within 24 hours of reporting, which is especially important in the summer season.

Availability all year round

Our services are available all year round, which is important both in the summer and winter seasons. We provide not only ongoing maintenance and repairs, but also assistance in preparing the pool for winter and quick launch in spring. This comprehensive care allows you to keep your pool in perfect condition all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Experience and professionalism

Our company has many years of experience in the swimming pool industry. All our technicians are highly qualified and regularly attend training to keep up to date with the latest technologies and service methods. Thanks to this, we can offer services at the highest level, which is confirmed by numerous positive opinions of our customers.

Advanced technologies

We use the latest technologies and innovative solutions that allow for more effective and ecological pool management. We offer automatic chemical dosing systems, advanced filtration systems and energy-saving water heating solutions that ensure comfort and convenience.