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Our offer of swimming pools

Want to dive into the world of pools but don’t know where to start? BitPools is your support at every stage – from choosing the right pool, through installation, to service and supervision. Our offer was created for those who value professionalism, quality and modern technologies. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of services, which guarantees satisfaction and safety for years.

Odkryty basen ogrodowy z funkcją hydromasażu, otoczony kamiennymi płytami. W tle znajduje się automatyczna roleta, a przy basenie leży zwinięty wąż do czyszczenia.

Durable and elegant ceramic composite pools provide exceptional durability and a luxurious look in your garden.

Our team of experts guarantees precise and safe installation of the pool, tailored to the individual needs of the client.

montaż basenu
serwis basenów

We offer regular maintenance and repair services to ensure your pool is always in perfect condition.

Modern pool automation systems facilitate the management and control of water parameters and pool functions, ensuring comfort and saving time.

Pompa basenowa umieszczona w specjalnej komorze wypełnionej żwirem, służąca do filtracji wody w basenie ogrodowym.
Zdjęcie z lotu ptaka przedstawiające prostokątny basen z turkusową wodą, otoczony szarą drewnianą deską i kolorowymi rabatami kwiatowymi.

We implement the innovative Vantage® system, which automatically ensures water purity, minimizing the need for manual cleaning.

Solid and aesthetic pool covers protect the water against contamination, increasing safety and reducing pool operating costs.

Zbliżenie na automatyczną roletę basenową w odkrytym basenie ogrodowym. Basen jest otoczony płytkami kamiennymi, a woda w basenie jest krystalicznie czysta.
hydraulika basenu przydomowego

We specialize in comprehensive hydraulic solutions for swimming pools, ensuring optimal water flow and quality.

We advise on the best solution for your yard, taking into account dimensions, budget and aesthetic preferences.

basen przydomowy

Why is it worth investing in a home swimming pool?

A home swimming pool is not only luxury, but above all comfort and unlimited relaxation in the comfort of your own garden. Imagine that after a hard day’s work you don’t have to go to a public swimming pool to feel the cool water on your skin. Just a few steps from the door of your home, you will find yourself in your own private paradise. Moreover, a swimming pool in the garden increases the value of the property and becomes a showcase of every property.

basen przydomowy
dzieci skaczące do basenu przydomowego
What types of home swimming pools are there?

The home swimming pool market is extremely diverse, so everyone will find something for themselves. From frame pools, through those with a built-in jacuzzi, to infinity pools with a beautiful view. BitPools specializes in the assembly of various models, adapting to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. Our experience allows us to advise which swimming pool will be the best solution for your garden.

sprzątanie basenu przydomowego

How to take care of your pool so that it lasts for years?

Regular care and servicing of your pool is the key to its longevity. It is worth remembering to clean the filter regularly, control the water pH and use appropriate chemicals. Thanks to this, the pool water will always be clean and safe for bathers. BitPools offers comprehensive pool maintenance services, thanks to which your pool will always be in perfect condition.

BitPools - Guarantee of professionalism

By choosing BitPools, you are choosing quality, experience and professionalism. Our team consists of experts in the field of installation and servicing of home swimming pools. Thanks to many years of practice and continuous improvement of our skills, we are able to implement even the most demanding projects. Trust the experts and enjoy the swimming pool of your dreams in your garden!

Pool hydraulics are a key element of every swimming pool, responsible for proper water flow and filtration. Thanks to a properly designed hydraulic system, the water in the pool remains clean, clear and free from contamination. BitPools specializes in the design and installation of swimming pool hydraulics systems, adapting them to the individual needs of the client.

Modern swimming pool hydraulics technologies allow you to save energy, minimizing the costs of swimming pool operation. Properly selected pumps and filters guarantee effective operation of the system for many years. BitPools uses the latest solutions on the market, providing customers with not only functionality, but also cost-effectiveness.

Choosing the right pool plumbing system is crucial for the longevity of the pool and the comfort of using it. That’s why BitPools offers professional advice in this area, helping customers choose the best solutions for their needs.

hydraulika basenu przydomowego

Pool installation is a complicated process that requires precision and experience. BitPools has many years of experience in this field, guaranteeing pool installation at the highest level. Each assembly stage is carefully monitored to ensure the durability and safety of the structure.

Choosing the right place, preparing the area and properly protecting the pool against external factors are the key steps in the pool installation process. BitPools makes sure that each pool is not only aesthetic, but also functional and durable.

Thanks to modern technologies and specialized equipment, installing a pool with BitPools is a guarantee of satisfaction and long-term use. The company also offers a warranty for the work performed, which is proof of confidence in its services.

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Regular pool service is essential to ensure its longevity and safe use. BitPools offers comprehensive service services, from routine inspections to emergency repairs. Thanks to regular service, it is possible to detect and remove possible faults at an early stage, before they become a serious problem.

BitPools experts are trained in the latest pool technologies, which allows them to solve problems quickly and effectively. The company also offers pool maintenance advice, helping customers take good care of their pool.

Not only the technical condition of the pool is important for its proper functioning. Water quality is equally important. Therefore, BitPools also offers services of analyzing and regulating water parameters, ensuring its purity and safety for users.

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A self-cleaning pool is the dream of many pool owners. Thanks to the Vantage® system offered by BitPools, this dream becomes a reality. This system automatically removes contaminants from the water, keeping it clean and clear at all times.

Vantage® technology is based on advanced solutions that effectively eliminate pollutants, bacteria and other undesirable substances from swimming pool water. Thanks to this, the pool requires much less maintenance and its use becomes more comfortable.

By choosing a pool with the Vantage® system from BitPools, you are investing in a modern solution that will allow you to enjoy clean water without the need for constant cleaning and maintenance. It’s an investment in comfort and peace of mind.

nowoczesny system samoczyszczącego basenu Vantage

Your dream of a swimming pool is within your reach!

Do you dream of having your own swimming pool in the garden? Or maybe your current swimming pool needs professional service? Whatever your needs, BitPools is here to help. We are experts in swimming pool installation and servicing, and our passion is transforming spaces into real oases of relaxation.

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Basen przydomowy z podwójnym wejściem, obok wysypane kamyczki - realizacja BitPools.

Our projects

Do you want to see what wonders we can create in your garden? We encourage you to visit our gallery of projects, where we present selected projects of home swimming pools. Each of them is proof of our passion, commitment and professionalism. Let our achievements so far become an inspiration for your dream swimming pool!