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How to start building a swimming pool?

Starting a pool construction project is an exciting adventure. Ahead of you are many decisions and creative possibilities that will transform your garden into a personal retreat. The first step is to thoroughly understand your own needs and expectations. Consider how often you will use the pool, who will use it, and what activities will prevail. Do you dream of lazy afternoons on a water mattress or energetic fun with family and friends? Your answers will help determine the optimal size, shape, and depth of the pool.

Next, it is essential to familiarize yourself with local building regulations and obtain all necessary permits. Each location has its own requirements, which may include the distance of the pool from property boundaries, safety systems, and even the choice of building materials. Contacting your local city or municipal office will help you avoid potential obstacles and ensure that your construction proceeds smoothly.

Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and an understanding of the legal requirements, it is time to choose the right contractor. Start by getting recommendations from family, friends, or trusted online sources. Choosing an experienced and reliable contractor is crucial to ensure that your pool dreams become a reality according to your expectations, budget, and schedule. Remember to discuss every detail of the project and stay updated on the progress.

Pool installation step by step

1. Initial consultation and design

In this phase, we focus on understanding the customer’s requirements. Our specialists conduct detailed interviews to learn about preferences regarding the size, shape and depth of the pool and its additional functions. On this basis, BitPools designers create an individual project.

2. Site selection and site preparation

This stage includes the analysis and assessment of the area in terms of its suitability for the construction of a swimming pool. The area is excavated and leveled and, if necessary, the ground is strengthened. This preparation is essential to ensure the stability and longevity of your pool.

Koparka wykopująca dziurę w ziemi na montaż basenu.
Pompa basenowa z manometrem wskazującym ciśnienie, zamontowana na zewnątrz.
4. Installation of plumbing and filtration systems

In this phase, we install advanced filtration systems that are necessary to keep the water clean and hygienic. Additionally, we install plumbing systems and pool heating options to ensure comfort of use all year round.

5. Finishing and personalization

The last stage is finishing the pool surface in accordance with the design, including laying tiles and painting. We also offer pool personalization, for example by installing LED lighting, water massage systems or slides.

6. Quality control and handover of the pool

After completing the assembly, we carry out detailed tests and quality control. The pool is then handed over to the client along with detailed instructions on its use and maintenance, and we also offer training in basic pool operation and care.

Types of swimming pool basins

Choosing the right type of pool basin is a key step in the pool construction process, which will affect its appearance, durability and maintenance costs. There are three main types of pool basins available on the market: concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. Each of them has its own unique advantages and specifications that you should consider before making your final decision.

Concrete swimming pool basins

Concrete pool basins are known for their durability and ability to adapt to any shape and size. This option allows for full personalization of the pool design, from classic rectangles to non-standard, fancy shapes. Concrete pools, however, are more demanding to build and maintain, and may require a longer project time to complete. Their main advantage is longevity and durability, which makes them an excellent investment for years.

Fiberglass basins

Fiberglass basins are characterized by speed and ease of installation. They are manufactured in the factory and delivered to the construction site ready to be placed in the trench, significantly shortening the project implementation time. Fiberglass pools have a smooth surface, which makes it easier to keep clean and minimizes the risk of algae growth. They are also more resistant to pool chemicals and temperature changes than other types of pools, making them an efficient and practical option.

Vinyl swimming pool shells

Vinyl pool decks offer an economical alternative, allowing you to build a pool with lower initial costs. They consist of a prefabricated frame covered with a flexible vinyl liner, which is available in various patterns and colors. Although vinyl pools may be less durable than their concrete and glass counterparts, they offer significant versatility and the ease of replacing the liner, allowing you to refresh the appearance of your pool without having to completely renovate it.

Overflow or skimmer pool?

The decision between an overflow and a skimmer pool is one of the key choices that every future pool owner will face. Both technologies differ in the method of filtration and water circulation, which affects water quality, aesthetics and pool maintenance costs. The choice of the appropriate system depends on individual preferences, budget and plot conditions.

Overflow pool

Overflow pools are characterized by a continuous flow of water through the overflow gutter surrounding the pool, from where it is directed for filtration and then back to the pool. This system ensures excellent water quality because the entire water volume is regularly filtered, eliminating contaminants from the water surface. Overflow pools are often perceived as more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, but they do come with higher capital and operating costs, which is an important factor to consider.

Skimmer pool

Skimmer pools, on the other hand, use one or more skimmers mounted on the edge of the pool that draw water into the filtration system. After cleaning, the water is returned to the pool through the inlet nozzles. Skimmer systems are more cost-effective in both installation and use. While they may not offer the same effective water surface treatment as overflow systems, they represent an attractive compromise between quality and cost for many pool owners.

The ultimate choice between an overflow or skimmer pool depends on many factors, including the owner’s priorities regarding water quality, aesthetics, initial costs and ongoing operation. It is also worth consulting with professionals who can advise on the best solution tailored to your specific conditions and needs.

4 Reasons to choose BitPools!
Technical expertise

BitPools has many years of experience in the swimming pool industry, which guarantees the implementation of projects at the highest level. Our specialists use modern technologies to make each pool durable and safe.

Individual approach

We understand that each client has unique needs and expectations. Therefore, at BitPools, each project is treated individually, ensuring personalization and adaptation to the client's personal lifestyle.

High-quality materials

We only work with reputable manufacturers, which means that all the materials we use are selected and meet rigorous quality standards.

Full service

BitPools offers not only pool installation, but also full after-sales service, including maintenance and service. We ensure that our customers can enjoy their pool without additional worries by offering regular inspections and professional advice.

Pool heating

Choosing the right swimming pool heating system is an important element in planning its construction and use, especially in a climate that requires an extension of the swimming season. Heating pool water not only increases comfort of use, but can also help reduce maintenance costs by extending the swimming season. There are a variety of heating systems available on the market, including heat pumps, gas heating and solar water heating systems, each with unique features worth considering.

Pool heating - heat pump

Heat pumps are a popular choice due to their energy efficiency and low operating costs. They work by extracting heat from the environment and transferring it to the pool water, making them a particularly effective solution in temperate and warm climates. Although the initial installation cost may be higher than other systems, the savings from lower operating costs make them an attractive long-term investment.

Gas heating of the swimming pool

Gas heating is another option that ensures quick and effective water heating, regardless of weather conditions. This is especially useful for pool owners who prefer occasional but intensive use. Gas systems can raise water temperatures quickly, which is ideal before unannounced swimming opportunities, although beware of higher fuel costs.

Kobieta relaksuje się w basenie oświetlonym złotymi światłami, z widoczną parą nad wodą.

Gas heating of the swimming pool

Gas heating is another option that ensures quick and effective water heating, regardless of weather conditions. This is especially useful for pool owners who prefer occasional but intensive use. Gas systems can raise water temperatures quickly, which is ideal before unannounced swimming opportunities, although beware of higher fuel costs.

Pool heating with a solar system

Solar water heating systems are the most ecological option, using solar energy to heat your swimming pool. Although their effectiveness depends on sunlight and weather conditions, in the long run they offer significant cost savings. Installing solar panels requires an initial investment, but the minimal operating costs and environmental impact make this an increasingly popular option among pool owners.

Our projects

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