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We specialize in providing comprehensive service solutions that ensure the safety and cleanliness of your pool all year round. Our operations are based on the latest technologies and many years of experience, allowing us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Our goal is to provide every pool with optimal conditions for use, regardless of its size or location.

By using advanced cleaning methods and modern equipment, BitPools effectively maintains the hygiene and aesthetics of pools. Regular maintenance services not only extend the lifespan of pools but also optimize their functionality. This translates into reduced operating costs for pool owners, which is particularly important for public and commercial institutions such as hotels and recreational centers.

By choosing BitPools, you are opting for professionalism and experience that will ensure the hassle-free use of your pool. We offer a full range of services, from regular cleaning and technical maintenance to comprehensive upgrades and the installation of additional equipment. We guarantee that every request is handled with the utmost care, and our services are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Scope of pool maintenance services

Our team of specialists offers a full range of service solutions for both private and public pools, ensuring that your pool is always clean, safe, and ready for use. Here are the main services we offer:

Pool cleaning

Clean water and a clean pool are the foundation of safe usage. At BitPools, we use advanced filtration and disinfection technologies that effectively eliminate biological and chemical contaminants. Regular pool cleaning not only maintains its aesthetic appearance but also prevents the growth of algae and bacteria that can be harmful to the health of users.

Additionally, our services include cleaning the waterline, drainage, and filtration systems, which is crucial for maintaining optimal water quality and system efficiency. By using the latest solutions available on the market, BitPools ensures that every pool is serviced with the highest care, translating into the longevity and safety of your investment.

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Pool maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your pool in good technical condition and ensuring its functionality for many years. At BitPools, we offer a comprehensive maintenance program that includes the inspection of all key pool components, including pumps, filters, and hydraulic systems. Taking care of these elements minimizes the risk of malfunctions and unplanned pool downtime.

Our specialists are equipped with diagnostic tools that enable quick detection and repair of minor issues before they become major problems. Regular inspections and maintenance performed by BitPools ensure that the pool remains safe and attractive for both private homes and public facilities.

Pool repairs

In the event of a malfunction, BitPools is ready to offer quick and effective repair solutions. We specialize in repairing all kinds of damages, from minor leaks to major hydraulic system failures. Our service team is available to quickly diagnose the problem and restore the pool’s full functionality.

We carry out repairs using high-quality materials and spare parts, ensuring the durability and reliability of the work performed. With experience and specialized knowledge, our technicians can efficiently solve even the most complex technical problems, minimizing the time required to restore the pool to full functionality.

Pool modernizations

Upgrading an existing pool system is an excellent way to enhance its functionality and aesthetics. BitPools offers a wide range of upgrade options, from installing modern heating and lighting systems to comprehensive renovations using the latest trends and technologies. Our solutions are designed to increase user comfort and reduce operating costs.

The upgrades carried out by our company also include the installation of new features, such as counter-current systems, which enhance the safety and comfort of swimming. By applying innovative technologies and working closely with the client, each upgrade is tailored to individual needs and expectations, making the pool not only more functional but also more attractive.

Installation of additional swimming pool equipment

Enhancing the functionality of your pool with additional equipment can significantly increase its appeal and usability. At BitPools, we offer the installation of a wide range of accessories, from water slides and children’s attractions to advanced spa systems. Each solution is tailored to the specific requirements and spatial possibilities of the given facility.

When installing additional equipment, we pay special attention to the quality and safety of the products, ensuring not only greater enjoyment but also the durability and reliability of the installed elements. Whether it is to improve aesthetics or increase functionality, BitPools guarantees that every added feature will enrich the users’ pool experience.

Get to know our offer

If you dream of entering the world of swimming pools but don’t know where to start, BitPools is here to help you at every stage – from choosing the perfect pool, through its installation, to regular service and constant supervision. Our offer was created for customers who value professionalism, quality and modern technologies. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of services, which guarantees long-term satisfaction and safety.

Tips for pool owners on pool servicing

1. Regular water quality testing

Maintaining optimal water quality is essential for ensuring the safety and comfort of swimming. Regular testing of pH, chlorine levels, and other chemical parameters allows for quick correction of values that could negatively impact the health of pool users. These tests are particularly important during periods of heavy usage when the water is more prone to contamination. It is recommended to use test kits or digital water analyzers, which provide accurate results in a short time. Such monitoring also helps optimize the use of chemicals, benefiting both the environment and the pool owner’s budget

2. Mechanical cleaning

Regular removal of mechanical debris from the water is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetics of the pool. Leaves, insects, and other objects can not only disrupt the swimming experience but also clog filters and filtration systems, leading to faster wear and tear. Using nets, pool vacuums, and cleaning robots are effective methods to keep the pool spotless. Regular cleaning of the pool floor and walls also prevents the buildup of sediment and algae, which is important for the health and safety of users.

3. Pay attention to the filtration system

The filtration system plays a key role in maintaining water cleanliness. Regular inspections and cleaning of filters, as well as replacing filtration materials like sand or cartridges, are essential to maintain their efficiency. Attention should also be paid to the condition of pumps and other equipment that make up the filtration system. Proper maintenance and periodic technical inspections can prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of the installation.

4. Maintaining appropriate water levels

The water level in the pool significantly affects the effectiveness of the filtration and circulation system. Too low a level can cause the pumps to run dry, leading to damage. Conversely, too high a water level can be problematic, especially in the case of unexpected rain, which can overflow the pool. Regular monitoring and adjusting the water level, especially after heavy rainfall or intense pool use, ensures its proper functioning and avoids unnecessary operational problems.

5. Winterizing the pool

Properly preparing the pool for winter is as important as its operation in the summer season. Lowering the water level, protecting the hydraulic installations from freezing, and using anti-corrosion chemicals are crucial for protecting the pool from low temperatures. Additionally, covering the pool with a special cover not only protects against debris but also helps maintain better water condition throughout the winter months. These actions help avoid costly repairs and prepare the pool for the next season.

6. Education and updating knowledge

The world of pool technology is constantly evolving, offering new methods that can make pool operation easier and more economical. Keeping up to date with industry innovations is an excellent way to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Regular participation in training, consultations with experts, and subscribing to industry publications are examples of actions that can help pool owners maintain their facilities in the best condition and take advantage of the latest technological advancements.

We recommend having your pool fully serviced at least once a month to keep the water clean and the equipment in working order. Depending on the intensity of use and weather conditions, some pools may require more frequent servicing. Additionally, pre- and post-season maintenance is crucial to ensuring the long-term performance of your pool.

We only use certified and health-safe chemicals that are effective in combating algae, bacteria and other microorganisms. Our team selects appropriate preparations according to the current state of water in the pool and the customer’s preferences, always with an emphasis on minimizing the impact on the environment.

Yes, we offer comprehensive repair services including diagnosing, repairing or replacing damaged equipment. Our team is equipped with tools and spare parts that allow us to quickly and effectively repair most failures on site.

While some maintenance such as leaf removal and checking chlorine levels can be carried out yourself, we strongly recommend regular professional services to ensure that all technical systems are deep cleaned and checked. This not only increases safety, but also extends the life of the installation.

Preparing your pool for winter is a key element in protecting against frost damage. This includes lowering the water level, protecting pipes and pumps from freezing, and using appropriate pool coverings. We offer a comprehensive service to prepare your pool for winter, ensuring that everything is done correctly and safely.

Why is it worth choosing our services?

Having your own pool is a fantastic way to relax and have fun, but it also requires proper knowledge and care. Here are some key tips to help any pool owner keep their pool in great condition all year round.

Fast implementation

We understand how important it is to resolve pool issues quickly to avoid unnecessary interruptions to your pool's use. Thanks to our effective logistics and qualified team, we are able to react and solve most problems within 24 hours of reporting, which is especially important in the summer season.

Availability all year round

Our services are available all year round, which is important both in the summer and winter seasons. We provide not only ongoing maintenance and repairs, but also assistance in preparing the pool for winter and quick launch in spring. This comprehensive care allows you to keep your pool in perfect condition all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Experience and professionalism

Our company has many years of experience in the swimming pool industry. All our technicians are highly qualified and regularly attend training to keep up to date with the latest technologies and service methods. Thanks to this, we can offer services at the highest level, which is confirmed by numerous positive opinions of our customers.

Advanced technologies

We use the latest technologies and innovative solutions that allow for more effective and ecological pool management. We offer automatic chemical dosing systems, advanced filtration systems and energy-saving water heating solutions that ensure comfort and convenience.