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Vantage System - Discover a new era of cleanliness

A backyard swimming pool is a place to relax, have fun and unwind. However, keeping it clean can be a challenge. That’s why Bitools presents an innovative solution – the Vantage system. It is the world’s leading self-cleaning system, created especially for Compass Ceramic Pools composite pools. Thanks to it, not only will your pool floor be sparkling clean, but the water will also have a natural, healthy flow, providing ideal conditions for bathing.

How does the vantage system work?

The key to the effectiveness of the Vantage system is its unique design. This system is based on strategically placed movable jets located on the bottom and steps of the pool. These nozzles, rotating around their own axis, generate a strong stream of water that effectively collects pollutants and directs them to a central point. From there, they go directly to the filtration system or a special waste bin. 

But what makes the nozzles work in such a precise and coordinated way? The patented Vantage water valve is responsible for this. It acts as the “brain” of the entire system, controlling the operation of the nozzles in a properly planned sequence. Importantly, this valve does not require electricity. Its intelligent design allows you to use the power of water pumped through the filtration system to control the valve operation and sequential activation of the nozzles.

nowoczesny basen przydomowy
nowoczesny basen przydomowy
system samoczyszczącego basenu Vantage

Natural water movement: Circulation in the Vantage system

One of the key aspects of a healthy pool is proper water circulation. The Vantage system not only effectively cleans the pool bottom, but also ensures the natural flow of water. In stagnant water, bacteria and microorganisms have ideal conditions for breeding, which can affect water quality. Thanks to the Vantage system, the pool water is constantly in motion, which hinders the growth of unwanted microorganisms while ensuring crystal clear water.

But it is not everything. The sun, while beautifully warming our pool, may cause disinfectants to evaporate. The Vantage system carefully distributes these funds, minimizing their losses. Additionally, thanks to this system, the heat in the pool is evenly distributed, which translates into faster water heating and a higher temperature by approximately 1-2°C.

Safety and aesthetics of the Vantage system

Every pool owner wants it to be not only functional, but also aesthetic. The Vantage system combines these two features perfectly. The nozzles, which are an integral part of the system, have been designed to be not only effective, but also elegant. Their subtle design fits perfectly with any swimming pool, adding a modern character to it.

However, safety is the priority. Therefore, if you accidentally step on a working nozzle, it immediately retracts, ensuring complete safety when using the pool. What’s more, the jets operate quietly, allowing you to fully relax without any disturbances.

Dwie dziewczynki pływające w kółku w basenie przydomowym.
Basen samoczyszczący przydomowy obok nowoczesnego domu z dużym tarasem.

Choosing the right pool cleaning system is the key to long-term satisfaction with its use. The Vantage system stands out from other solutions with a number of advantages:

Automatic operation

The system works independently, keeping the pool clean without your participation.

Quiet operation

With Vantage jets you can enjoy peace and relaxation by the pool without unnecessary noise.


Even distribution of disinfectants and heat in the pool ensures optimal bathing conditions.


Reduction of swimming pool heating costs and disinfectant consumption.


The system is safe to use, and the nozzles react to being stepped on by hiding.


A 3-year warranty is proof of the reliability and durability of the system.

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